Financial Education for Students

iKnowFi.Education has been designed specifically for high school and college students, drawing from Fintactix's rich legacy of guiding financial institutions in the education of their customers. Dive into our comprehensive financial education platform and empower your students to foster personal financial growth through captivating digital lessons. They'll conquer exams, earn accolades like badges or certificates, and cement crucial financial knowledge. Guiding them along the way is "Professor Pennyworth," our advanced AI mentor, ever-ready to assist with answers and insightful advice.

iKnowFi Curriculum

    • Managing Your Money

      Managing Your Money Icon

    • Managing Your Money Icon

      Includes learning modules on It's Your Money, Banking Basics, Establishing Banking Relationships, and Managing Your Accounts.

    • Financial Building Blocks

      Money Management Icon

    • Money Management Icon

      Includes learning modules on Income, Expenses, and Budgeting and Planning.

    • The Importance of Saving

      Your Home Icon

    • Your Home Icon

      Includes modules on Saving Basics, Where to Put Your Savings, Building an Emergency Fund, and Saving to Reach Your Goals.

    • Establishing Credit

      Retirement Planning Icon

    • Retirement Planning Icon

      Includes modules on Credit Reporting, Your Credit Score, Understanding Your Credit Report, and Building a Credit History

    • Borrowing Money

      Paying for College Icon

    • Paying for College Icon

      Includes modules on Loan Basics, The Real Cost of Borrowing, Applying for a Loan, and Other Considerations.

    • Managing Your Debt

      Workplace Finances Icon

    • Workplace Finances Icon

      Includes modules on How Debt Works, Reducing Your Debt, Debt Collection, Student Loan Debt, and Medical Debt

    • Using Credit Cards

      Small Business Icon

    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on How Credit Cards Work, Managing Credit Cards, and The World of Credit Cards.

    • Your Financial Future

      Small Business Icon

    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on An Introduction to Assets, Investing in Your Education, Investing Basics, and Saving for Retirement

    • Making Housing Decisions

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    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on Renting, Home Ownership, Mortgages, and Home Equity & Refinancing.

    • Financial Preparation and Recovery

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    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on Protecting Your Identity, Protecting Your Assets, Managing Your Tax Burden, Preparing for Disasters, and Making a Financial Recovery.

iKnowFi Financial Education Features

Explore the comprehensive features of the iKnowFi Financial Education platform, a hub designed to transform the way financial concepts are taught and learned. In this section, we delve into the diverse facets of our Learning Management Platform, which include structured learning paths, a variety of digital media formats, innovative AI support, customizable branding options, and effective tracking and assessment tools. Each feature of iKnowFi is crafted to enhance the educational experience, ensuring that students engage with, retain, and apply complex financial knowledge effectively. Discover how iKnowFi is shaping the future of financial education, making it more accessible, interactive, and impactful.

Learning Management Platform

Streamline the delivery of complex financial concepts through an interactive, user-friendly interface, enhancing both engagement and comprehension. It offers educators and learners alike the flexibility to access tailored financial courses anytime, anywhere, backed by robust analytics to track progress and optimize learning outcomes.

Structured Learning Paths

iKnowFi's learning paths present course content logically and sequentially, allowing students to progress from basic concepts to more advanced topics. With iKnowFi, students can go at their own pace, allowing them to spend more time on challenging issues and move quickly through topics they've mastered.

Blended Digital Media

The iKnowFi curriculum includes various digital educational materials, including articles, videos, presentations, and calculator-based lessons, to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences. These resources are designed to help you build a strong foundation and develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

AI-Based Proctor Support

As an A.I., iKnowFi's "Professor Pennyworth" provides 24/7 availability to answer students' questions and provide guidance and support. This level of accessibility can help remove barriers to learning and ensure that students receive the assistance they need whenever they need it.

White-Labeled / Brandable

Adapt the iKnowFi platform with your institution's colors and logos, creating an instantly recognizable and cohesive educational environment. From the login page to the course completion certificates, every aspect of the platform can reflect your school's pride and heritage.

Student Progress Tracking

iKnowFi provides detailed reports and analytics on student performance, engagement, and progress. This data can help you identify areas where students may struggle and adapt your financial education course accordingly.

End of Unit Exams

Regular exams help reinforce learning and improve knowledge retention by encouraging students to review and apply the information they've learned. Our end-of-unit exams provide students with personalized feedback on their performance. This feedback helps learners focus on areas that need improvement, ensuring a more targeted and efficient learning experience.

Badges and Certifications

Badges and certificates are tangible rewards for students' efforts and accomplishments, increasing their motivation and engagement in the course. These incentives create a sense of achievement and encourage learners to remain committed to their educational goals. Successfully earning badges and certificates can boost students' confidence in their knowledge and abilities.

Benefits to Educators

At Fintactix, we understand the transformative power of a robust financial education curriculum. We're here to support educators in imparting critical financial knowledge and skills that prepare students for the real world. By integrating our comprehensive financial education resources into your curriculum, you can offer your students an invaluable advantage: the competence to make informed financial decisions.

From enhancing academic engagement to fostering real-world preparedness, our goal is to equip educators with the tools to guide students toward fiscal responsibility and independence.

Explore the success stories, educational resources, and community impacts that underscore the importance of financial education. Join us in our commitment to creating financially savvy future generations. With Fintactix, you're not just teaching; you're empowering students with the confidence to succeed in a complex economic landscape.

    • Meet State & Local Educational Requirements

      Educational Requirements Icon

    • Educational Requirements Icon

      Many states require students to receive Financial Literacy education. iKnowFi can help them to meet those requirements.

    • 24/7 Accessibility & Flexibility

      24/7 Accessibility Icon

    • 24/7 Accessibility Icon

      iKnowFi is fully accessible 24/7, with AI-based instructor support available to students at any time.

    • Student Progress Tracking

      Student Tracking Icon

    • Student Tracking Icon

      School administrators can track student progress through the iKnowFi curriculum and intervene proactively to help struggling students, improving overall success rates.

    • Turnkey Learning Experience

      Turnkey Learning Icon

    • Turnkey Learning Icon

      The iKnowFi platform guides students through their financial education curriculum for a structured experience.

    • Consistency & Relevance

      Consistency & Relevance Icon

    • Consistency & Relevance Icon

      The iKnowFi platform ensures that all students receive consistent, high-quality instruction, reducing disparities in learning outcomes.

    • Reduced Teacher Workload

      Reduced Teacher Workload Icon

    • Reduced Teacher Workload Icon

      Teachers can focus on more complex and interactive aspects of education, while AI handles routine tasks.

    • Cost Savings & Scalability

      Cost Savings & Scalability Icon

    • Cost Savings & Scalability Icon

      Institutions can allocate resources to other critical areas while maintaining a high-quality financial education program.

    • Alumni Success

      Alumni Success Icon

    • Alumni Success Icon

      Better-educated graduates are more likely to make informed financial decisions, which can positively impact their financial well-being and the institution's reputation.

Benefits of Bank / Credit Union Partnerships

Fintactix welcomes partnerships between banks and credit unions to bring vital financial education to local student populations. At Fintactix, we're committed to facilitating these collaborations, and understanding the profound benefits they offer to local banks, credit unions, and the communities they serve. Our iKnowFi platform can support your financial institution in integrating financial literacy into the local educational fabric, ensuring a future where students and graduates can navigate the financial landscape.

Discover with us the shared rewards, pioneering strategies, and inspiring testimonials that showcase the significant impact of financial education. Join Fintactix in championing a movement that enlightens and empowers the next generation with the financial acumen necessary for lasting prosperity.

    • Community Involvement

      Community Involvement Icon

    • Community Involvement Icon

      Establish stronger connections with local communities and enhance the financial knowledge and prosperity of the individuals within those communities.

    • Member/Customer Empowerment

      Member/Customer Empowerment Icon

    • Member/Customer Empowerment Icon

      Assist members and customers in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively and establish a stable financial future.

    • Build Trust & Loyalty

      Build Trust & Loyalty Icon

    • Build Trust & Loyalty Icon

      Offer financial education and wellness initiatives to people in your area to demonstrate your dedication to their financial prosperity.

    • Make Brand Connections

      Make Brand Connections Icon

    • Make Brand Connections Icon

      Establish connections with local students by being their go-to resource for financial education, thereby building enduring financial partnerships.

    • Risk Mitigation

      Risk Mitigation Icon

    • Risk Mitigation Icon

      Educating members and customers in financial literacy can reduce their chances of experiencing financial hardship, contributing to greater financial stability for your credit union or bank.

    • Regulatory Compliance

      Regulatory Compliance Icon

    • Regulatory Compliance Icon

      Fulfill the regulatory obligations for financial education outreach efficiently and in a way that has a significant impact.

    • Competitive Advantage

      Competitive Advantage Icon

    • Competitive Advantage Icon

      Set yourself apart from other financial entities and draw in new clients who prioritize the availability of financial education services.

    • Social Impact

      Social Impact Icon

    • Social Impact Icon

      By advocating for financial education, banks and credit unions can positively influence society and enhance the financial well-being and steadiness of the communities they serve.