Financial Calculators for Websites

Fintactix Financial Calculators are ideal for integrating into bank, credit union and other financial websites. Our solution provides highly-interactive and engaging learning experiences to help consumers make informed and educated personal finance decisions and to help financial institutions build smarter financial relationships with their customers.

Your Design Partner for Site Redesigns

If you are embarking on a new website redesign project or looking to improve website engagement, you will appreciate the degree to which our calculators can be customized to meet your exact brand and style requirements. Users also appreciate the interactivity that our calculators deliver with their slider-driven input controls and infographic results.

Attract and Engage Customers

Attract and engage customers who are interested in financial planning and analysis. Help customers estimate loan payments, manage debt and budgets, and plan for retirement. You'll establish your website as a valuable resource for customers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Help your customers make informed decisions about their finances. Customers who can make more informed decisions will likely be more satisfied with their financial experience and may be more likely to continue doing business with your institution.

Educate Customers

Educate customers about financial concepts and terms. Your website should include calculators to help customers learn more about financial planning and analysis.

Generate Leads

You can use financial calculators as lead-generation tools. Fintactix calculators allow you to direct users to the 'next step' on their financial journey or capture their contact information, enabling you to follow up with them about their interest in your products.

Our Calculators

Personal Finance Calculators

Providing customers with the right tools makes you a trusted partner in their big decisions. You'll raise their confidence in financial decision-making and your brand. Our calculators will provide your customers with a broad range of personal finance calculators to aid them with their most critical life decisions.

Choose from eight personal finance categories:

Small Business Calculators

Our Small Business calculators will create an edge for your financial institution’s website by offering small business owners our calculators to help them better run their business. Whether they are looking for finance, management, or marketing calculations, Fintactix has the tools that'll make your website the go-to place when small business owners are looking for a partner in problem-solving. You help build their trust and confidence along with their business.

Choose from three small business categories:

Calculator Features

Fintactix Financial Calculators offer a rich set of features and functionality that can help you deliver a superior user experience to your clients and customers. Our calculators are designed to seamlessly integrate into your financial website, providing a professional look and feel that reflects your brand. So, whether you are a bank, credit union, or other financial institution, Fintactix's suite of calculators can help you provide your customers with the tools they need to achieve financial success. Let's explore some of the key features and functionality of our financial calculators and see how they can be used to enhance your financial website.

    • Responsive Design

      Responsive Design Icon

    • Responsive Design Icon

      Our Financial Calculators are built on a responsive design framework, for desktop, tablet and mobile display.

    • Branding & Styling

      Custom Branding Icon

    • Custom Branding Icon

      Implementation includes a 'rebranding' of our calculators to match your website's fonts, color scheme and other design elements.

    • Easy Implementation

      Easy Implementation Icon

    • Easy Implementation Icon

      Our Financial Calculators integrate easily into your website using traditional iframe tags. Setup is simple and quick!

    • Calls to Action

      Calls to Action Icon

    • Calls to Action Icon

      Integrate links to the 'next step' in your sales process. Product and rate info, online applications, branch locators, and more!

    • Email Results

      Email Results Icon

    • Email Results Icon

      As an add-on, calculators can email the inputs and results of their calculations to users and to your contact center for lead generation.

    • CRM Integration

      ADA Accessibility Icon

    • CRM Integration Icon

      Our Financial Calculators, when email-enabled, can remote post webform and calculator submission information to your CRM-system.

    • Data Passing API

      ADA Accessibility Icon

    • Data Passing API Icon

      Our Financial Calculators feature a "name=value" data passing API which allows you to pass interest rate or other information into any calculator as default values.

    • Reporting & Analytics

      ADA Accessibility Icon

    • Reporting & Analytics Icon

      Fintactix Calculators can be integrated with your existing Google Analytics, GTM, or other reporting infrastructure so that all of your site reporting is available in one place.

    • ADA Accessibility

      ADA Accessibility Icon

    • ADA Accessibility Icon

      Our Financial Calculators have been modified and tested to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 level AA accessibility requirements.

    • IT Infrastructure

      ADA Accessibility Icon

    • IT Infrastructure Icon

      Our Financial Calculators are cloud-hosted and delivered from a U.S.-based data center and meet the most rigorous IT requirements and internal controls required by bank and credit union compliance departments.

    • Disaster Recovery

      ADA Accessibility Icon

    • Disaster Recovery Icon

      Our disaster recovery environment surrounds, protects, and supports Fintactix virtual machines, which are hosted in Newark, DE., with DR support out of Denver, CO.

    • Customizations

      Custom Calculators Icon

    • Custom Calculators Icon

      Our financial calculators can be customized to meet your business needs. We create new custom calculators too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your Financial Calculators cost?

Fintactix licenses its Financial Calculators on a category-by-category (Auto, Mortgage, Savings) basis on either a one, two or three-year term. Actual pricing is dependent on the asset size of your financial institution. You are free to choose which, and how many, calculator categories you license. The higher the number of categories licensed and the longer the term, the lower the per category price becomes.

Please complete the Schedule an Online Meeting form and provide details about your organization and we can provide specific pricing information and a Financial Calculators proposal.

Is this a hosted solution or software I have to install?

Fintactix Financial Calculators are a hosted solution. We host our products through a third-party hosting provider in a state-of-the-art facility in Tampa, FL. The data center has N+1 redundancy, including multiple HVAC systems and redundant power. Every month, they test the backup diesel generators to ensure they function correctly in case of power grid failure. The data center’s physical security is supported by 24/7×365 live monitoring, CCTV, and a biometric access control system. The SOC 1 Report for this facility is available for review under non-disclosure.

How are your calculators typically integrated into websites?

Most customers use typical HTML iframe tags to integrate our Financial Calculators into their website. Each Financial Calculator exists as its own web page with a unique URL, so that URL gets referenced within the iframe tag. When your page loads in the user's browser, the calculator page is inserted into it, making it a seamless experience for your users. We also recommend third-party code that handles iframe height adjustments for each calculator.

How can I use Calls to Action to improve website conversions?

Individuals who are using calculators on financial websites are typically doing so because they are on a financial journey. Whether they are looking to buy a new vehicle or a new home, resolving to do a better job paying off debt, or looking to save for their retirement or a child's college education, that journey often requires answers to specific financial questions. So, calculator users are typically prospects for financial solutions. Using integrated Calls to Action in your calculators, you can drive them to the next stage in your sales process. Calls to Action typically link to online applications, rate and product information, branch locators, and contact forms.

Can users email themselves results of their calculations?

Yes. As an optional feature, our Financial Calculators allow users to email themselves the inputs and results of their calculations. After the user provides their email address, emails are sent in a template with your branding, and any other information you would like to collect in a simple web form. In addition to sending the user the inputs and results of their calculations, our web form can be configured to send a similar version of that email to a designated inbox in your contact center for follow-up. That makes our calculators a lead generation opportunity for your sales team.

Do you work with digital agencies?

Yes! We love to partner with digital agencies to provide great financial calculator experiences for your client's new website projects. And if you bring us a new customer, we'll provide a 15% referral bonus for the initial value of the license agreement.

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