Financial Calculators

Number Calculator Category Calculator Title Calculator URL
1 Mortgage Calculate a Mortgage Payment
2 Mortgage Rent or Buy?
3 Mortgage Proceeds from Sale of a Home
4 Mortgage Home Affordability
5 Mortgage Compare Two Mortgage Loans
6 Mortgage Adjustable Rate Mortgage Analyzer
7 Mortgage Time to Refinance?
8 Mortgage Calculate Home Closing Costs
9 Mortgage Compare a Bi-Weekly Mortgage to a Monthly Mortgage
10 Mortgage Debt-to-Income Calculator
11 Mortgage Down Payment Calculator
12 Mortgage Loan Amount Calculator
13 Retirement How Long Will my Retirement Savings Last?
14 Retirement 401(k) Calculator
15 Retirement Traditional 401(k) vs Roth 401(k)?
16 Retirement Retirement Income Estimator
17 Retirement Spend it or Invest in an IRA?
18 Retirement Estimate Social Security Benefits
19 Retirement Save for Retirement
20 Savings The Impact of Saving More
21 Savings The Benefits of Compounding
22 Savings Save for College
23 Savings Save to be a Millionaire
24 Savings What Will My Savings Be Worth?
25 Savings Save Towards a Goal
26 Savings Save for a Rainy Day
27 Savings Compare Two CDs
28 Savings Calculate Yield at Maturity
29 Savings Compare Savings Rates
30 Debt Debt Consolidation
31 Debt Make Bi-Weekly Payments
32 Debt Meet a Debt Payoff Goal
33 Debt How Long Will it Take to Pay Off a Credit Card?
34 Debt Use a Lump Sum to Pay Down Debt
35 Debt Are Credit Card Balance Transfers Worth It?
36 Debt Increase Your Monthly Payment
37 Debt Calculate a Loan Payment
38 Budget How Much Am I Spending?
39 Budget Balance Your Checkbook
40 Budget Household Cash Flow Tracker
41 Budget Spare Change
42 Budget Calculate Your Net Worth
43 Budget Save or Pay Off Debt?
44 Budget Should You Work Outside of the Home?