Using AdviceSite as a Turnkey Corporate Financial Literacy Solution

In corporate ecosystems, the healthier the employees, the smoother the business runs. Certainly included in that calculus is the financial health of employees. Employees overall want to give their best effort at work. But stress can act as a drag on their time and energy. Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 study named money as the number one stressor among Americans. And all current research is clear that stress damages performance and health.

Offering resources to your employees and managers to make sure that your team’s financial literacy is up to date sets up an environment in which your employees understand that, while you are not getting involved in their personal lives, you want them to experience the best work-life balance they can.

According to a recent 2019 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey conducted by Harris:

“Eight in ten adults (76%) admit they could benefit from additional advice and answers to everyday financial questions and 45% of adults give themselves a grade of C, D, or F on their knowledge of personal finance.”

Putting Financial Literacy Resources Together for Your Team

We ask our employees to give their best every single day, but when financial matters weigh on them, or financial questions nag them, their focus can suffer. Knowledge, as the saying goes, is power. Providing access to the right resources can empower your team members to understand and make confident financial decisions instead of letting stress drain their energy.

With the financial literacy resources available in Fintactix’s AdviceSite, you can offer your team the opportunity to learn about the crucial money management skills that everyone needs to be financially literate at every stage of their life.

What Can They Learn from AdviceSite?

Fintactix AdviceSite provides original content that addresses both planning options and current issues in personal finance. From baseline financial knowledge like budgeting and understanding credit to planning for college or retirement, Fintactix’s articles make improving financial literacy accessible for employees of every level.

Besides a library of helpful articles, AdviceSite provides hundreds of evergreen articles, financial calculators, online polls, and interactive quizzes on a wide range of personal finance and small business topics. We deliver it in a heavily branded CMS to provide a seamless design experience for your employees.

A Branded, Turnkey Solution

The positive effects offered by gaining a handle on personal finances may result in a less distracted and more satisfied workforce. Financially literate workers may also be more aware of, and more attuned to husbanding the company’s assets as well.

AdviceSite content is trusted by financial institutions throughout the United States to educate their customers and prospective customers. Contact us to schedule a demo to see how AdviceSite can provide you with a branded, turnkey corporate financial literacy solution with little or no IT involvement.

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