Incorporating Content Marketing into Your Bank or Credit Union Marketing Strategy

While turnkey content libraries seem to be getting ignored in favor of newer marketing technology, they are an effective tool to jump-start content marketing programs that can help give consumers the confidence to take action with your brand.

Employing an effective content marketing program can help you grow wallet share by providing the means to engage with existing customers continually, without making a continuous sales pitch. Those conversations can take place through traditional marketing campaigns, social channels, and electronic communications.

The most positive engagements you can build are those that are meaningful to consumers. Financial education content is the type of content that will help a consumer on a financial journey. Leveraging it will help drive discovery in your products and services and encourage the exploration of others that you offer. That's the formula for building long-term financial relationships.

Content marketing helps you create educated customers out of confused consumers, but you need content to fully engage those consumers at various stages of their purchase cycle.

Those on Financial Journeys Appreciate a Free Map

At any given time, consumers in your market will be on dozens of different financial journeys. Some will be seeking loans for new homes, some will be looking at saving for education, but nearly all will be looking to be an informed and educated consumer. Building their sense of your institution as a trusted partner in the journey is key to becoming part of their financial success. Utilizing content marketing allows you to provide useful information that your customers can find when they need it.

Connect Content to the Journey

One of the critical requirements for successful content marketing is making sure that you create content to fulfill specific needs around a journey to a product. As you set your marketing strategy for auto loans, for example, you need to connect with consumers looking for help shopping for their next car as much as you want to connect with consumers looking for rates and monthly payment information.

The key is to have a library with enough content to form multiple paths to your ultimate goal, a loan, or a new account application. Linking to and from the content creates ways for visitors to find rate pages, financial calculators, and your product pages, giving you more opportunities to turn a visitor into a customer.

Content Marketing Works Best When You Market It

You can’t expect content to do all the work by itself. It needs to convert visitors into customers, but to get them to it requires more than just publishing. Promoting your content via email, social media, and even digital advertising generates the traffic you need to leverage your content altogether.

The marketing you do to lead consumers to your content will make you the go-to source for financial literacy. A turnkey library of well written, helpful content provides you an effective route to financial engagement and customer growth.

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