Fintactix Introduces Financial Calculators

Provides ‘Highly Interactive’ Learning Experiences for Financial Consumers

Murrieta, CA (November 14, 2011) – Fintactix is pleased to announce Financial Calculators, a re-imagination of the traditional online financial calculator. Fintactix Financial Calculators provide a highly interactive user experience that allows financial consumers to see the cause and effect of changes to financial variables in real-time, enhancing learning and building financial literacy.

Our Financial Calculators rely on interactive slider controls for user input. As financial variables change, answers are seen numerically and in high-impact graphs and charts that update immediately to reflect even the smallest change. Financial consumers immediately see how a change in interest rates, monthly savings or debt payments will impact their finances. Due to the immediacy of results, Financial Calculators are an excellent source of ‘what if’ scenario planning for even novice financial consumers.

“Fintactix has re-imagined the traditional financial calculator to focus on real-time, visual results that enhance a financial consumer’s learning experience”, said Bill Pollock, President and Founder of Fintactix. “We believe that highly interactive tools enhance learning, allowing financial services organizations to raise the level of financial literacy of their customers and build smarter financial relationships”.

‘Highly Interactive’ financial calculators enhance the learning experience for financial consumers by providing immediate feedback based on changing financial inputs. Developing a better understanding of financial cause and effect will improve financial literacy levels for consumers, helping financial services providers build smarter financial relationships.

Fintactix Financial Calculators are available to financial services organizations for integration into their websites. Offered on a Software-as-a-Service basis, Financial Calculators can be easily customized to match a financial website’s branding and their voice and messaging to their customers. Fintactix plans tools to support auto and mortgage lending, savings, debt management and budgeting activities.

About Fintactix:

Fintactix provides highly engaging and interactive learning experiences to help financial consumers make informed and educated decisions and to help financial services organizations build smarter financial relationships with their customers. Fintactix was founded to re-imagine the financial calculator, with the belief that highly interactive calculators help consumers learn more effectively because they provide immediate feedback as variables change, building a better understanding of 'cause and effect' when making financial decisions.


Bill Pollock, President and Founder

Fintactix, LLC
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