Engaging Customers with Financial Education Content

Fintactix helps banks and credit unions connect with their customers using its engaging financial content services.
Bank and credit union marketers are increasingly turning to financial education content and financial education content providers to help them deliver customer and member engagement strategies centered around financial literacy and wellness.

Engaging today's consumer is difficult in all industries, but the financial services industry is an exceptionally challenging one due to the number of banks and credit unions providing services. A quick check of FDIC data shows that there are almost 5,000 banks in the United States today. And according to CUNA, over 5,700 credit unions are providing services to over 100 million members.

That's a lot of competition to face when you are offering checking and savings accounts, mortgage and auto loans, credit cards and perhaps investment, business and insurance services, many of which are difficult to differentiate from one another.

This Insights feature examines how engagement strategies focused on financial education and wellness can help build brand equity.

Using Financial Education Content for Customer Advocacy

One method banks and credit unions are using to differentiate their brand is a customer advocacy approach that is driven by financial education content. Some banks and credit unions choose to create content in-house, while many time and resource-starved marketers turn to financial content providers for help.

Beth Youra, a senior consultant with Gallup, sums up the customer advocacy approach like this: “Partnering with customers on managing their finances, making them feel confident about their financial future, and taking the lead when necessary helps them believe you are on their side and looking out for their best interests.”

That desire to partner with their customers on financial wellness and financial education has driven many banks and credit unions to partner with Fintactix. Bangor Savings Bank's "Money Mentor" and First National Bank & Trust's "Sound Advice," are both programs that leverage Fintactix's AdviceSite financial education platform to help drive their customer engagement strategy. On the credit union side, Nassau Financial and Texas Trust are providing their members with "Trusted Advice" using AdviceSite.

By leveraging a library of financial education content, these financial marketers can deliver brand experiences that their customers and members find beneficial. By focusing on financial education, they can promote their organization as one that looks out for the economic well-being of its customers and who will take the lead in helping them get to where they want to be financially. Those are both key drivers of confidence in banking relationships, according to Gallup's research.

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